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Each day we put food into our mouths and swallow, trusting that it is safe and that it will nourish our bodies. We hear about foods contaminated with harmful bacteria and chemicals. Around the world, an estimated 600 million people each year become ill after eating contaminated food.

Is Our Food Safe?

Unsafe food can cause more than 200 different diseases ranging from diarrhea to cancers (World Health Organization). In the United States an estimated 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  Who determines the safety of our food? 

Can we trust the decisions being made for us?  What can we do?

What we do:

We are global development professionals who serve overseas in many countries applying technical knowledge, program design, management and evaluation expertise in agriculture and food production. By working with countries and organizations we help to improve programs and put best practices in place. Our goal is to create economic development throughout the food value chain and allowing for global export of safe food. Let us help your business, non-profit or governmental organization to be effective and profitable and ensure that your food is safe.

Our work in Liberia:

Food safety is key to successful communities, businesses, and national health.   In Liberia their participation in Codex Alimentarius was increased, a national food contract was obtained, a laboratory assessment was performed, and SWOT analyses of food safety needs was completed.  A conference on food safety awareness was conducted for government ministries, farmers, food producers, processors, food exporters, NGOs, universities, and consumers.

EU & USA Consulting:

Currently the EU and USA are looking at food labeling as the first defense in food safety. If an imported food has an improper label it is automatically rejected. Meeting international demands for required labeling has proven a challenge for countries wishing to export. Two companies, The Good Thymes (Lebanon) , and Yogi Super Foods (Guatemala) received trainings on FDA labeling requirements and are now selling their products in the US.

Our latest webinar on food fraud prevention:

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About The Consultants

Food Safety, head shot of authors

Dr. P Vincent Hegarty and Christine L Blackledge, MSA, MPH, MSFS are teaming up to take you on this multifaceted journey of food safety from farm and sea to plate. Their varied backgrounds will offer different perspectives from the science of chemistry to the application of farming. They both have extensive international experience in food safety around the world and in the US.

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